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Midwest Clinic 2011 in Chicago - My WASBE Report

The 2011 Midwest Clinic in Chicago has all but finished with some clinics and concerts to go later today.  It has been a very busy week with WASBE meetings, the enormous trade show and the fantastically incessant social interaction.

The acres of the trade show have been trodden many times and my feet are testament to the sheer scale of the event.   With so many meetings and with so much planning for the future of WASBE, I didn't get to attend any of the myriad of concerts nor lectures that were available to delegates.  Maybe that's not such a bad thing as the acoustics in the concert venues is appalling and so many of the lectures are targeted at young music teachers working in the American system. Still all of the dialogue has invigourated my colleagues and I to further the aims of WASBE in the interest of all wind bands and ensembles.

Check out the clinic website for sound files and photos -