What Are Big Pendulums, and Why They Are Perfect for Amusement Parks

Of all the large rides (все большие развлекательные оборудовании) commonly seen in amusement parks and carnivals, the big pendulum is widely regarded as one of the most distinctive and widely beloved attractions of all. Its large and easily recognizable profile makes it an old standby for many park visitors, who often see the ride as a connection to the fun they had in the years of their youth. It is a treasure in every sense of the word, an attraction that has stayed popular among thrill seekers of all ages ever since it was first introduced.

As of late however, the big pendulum has seen a small lapse in popularity among amusement park planners due to the availability of flashier and more digitally augmented rides. In many ways, this is a minor tragedy for park visitors all over the nation, as many people are specifically drawn to amusement parks to experience big pendulum rides. Because of their long history and wide fan base, they are in many ways entirely irreplaceable.

What is a Big Pendulum?

For those who have not seen or experienced the big pendulum (аттракцион фрисби), the name alone can seem somewhat mysterious and opaque. In many ways, the simplicity of the name makes it even harder to guess what the form of the ride could possibly be.

The big pendulum has a deceptively simple construction. It consists of a tall frame, which often stretches far above the other rides in an amusement park. Attached to the middle of this frame is a long dangling beam, with a round group of seats attached to the bottom. This is the platform upon which riders sit.

When the big pendulum is in action, the beam that is attached to the seating platform rises slightly from the ground, and then swings outward on its single axis of movement. From there on out, the beam swings the platform from one side to another, with each swing going farther along the same trajectory. At the same time, the seating platform may also start to rotate, offering guests and extra thrill.

Why They’re a Good Investment

The best thing about big pendulum rides (большой маятник аттракцион заказать) is the impressive returns that they provide. As previously mentioned, they are a nostalgic favorite for many park visitors. They can also accommodate riders of many different shapes and sizes, as the seating platform is equipped with bars and a solid floor. Finally, the big pendulum is easy to load and unload, as the beam lowers the seating platform down to the ground between rides. Official site: www.bestonamusementrides.net/

How to Buy a Big Pendulum

When buying a big pendulum, it pays to do some research. In general, buying domestic is a good bet. These rides are often built to a higher standard, and offer better construction. This means that they are simultaneously longer lasting, as well as safer.

If an amusement park has enough room to accommodate it, a big pendulum is a great addition. It offers nostalgic fun for a very low relative price point, making it a good investment for many different types of park.

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