The History And Future Of Ferris Wheel Rides Made Today

It is so common to see a Ferris wheel at a local amusement park, we usually don’t think that much about them. The only thing that we might be considering as if this is higher than the last one that we were on. For example, if you are going to be traveling down the Las Vegas, you can see the tallest one in the world. It might be your goal to ride on all of the ones that are extremely tall, in different countries, whereas other people might be just interested in a little bit of the history. Let’s discuss the history of Ferris wheels, how they came to be, and what the future is for these iconic amusement park rides.

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The History Of The Ferris Wheel

Long before the High Roller that is located in Las Vegas, this amusement park ride was much smaller and simplistic. They were once called pleasure wheels, and subsequently became known as the Somers’ Wheel, primarily crafted of wood. By the 1900s, these were seen in exhibitions. Some of the tallest ones were about 330 feet high. By 1989, there was one made that was 353 tall called the Cosmo Clock 21. However, the High Roller in Las Vegas surpass them all in 2014, standing taller than the London Eye, and to others that were made in China and Singapore. More details here:

Are These Amusement Park Rides Here To Stay?

These are considered to be the most Evergreen of all of the amusement park rides that are produced. They are iconic, visible from quite a distance, and they give you a beautiful view of everything around you. If you think about this in comparison to the other ones that are there, they are typically designed for spinning and speed. However, although this spends, it’s all about the height, allowing you to take pictures and really get scared if you are afraid of heights when it stops at the top. Based upon their popularity, they are likely to stay, but there are a few theories about what will happen to them in the future. How about mini Ferris wheel rides?

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What Will Happen To Ferris Wheels In The Future?

There are a couple definite changes that are going to occur. First of all, most of the big ones are allowing multiple people to be in one particular cart. If you think about the older ones that were made, they would fit may be two or three people. You are also outside, protected by this little tiny bar. Additionally, if you rocked back and forth, there was the possibility that you could fall forward or backwards. Therefore, safety measures have been taken that have made it safer for everyone, and because of that, they can be much taller. Finally, it is likely that they will improve the experience even more by interjecting holographic technology. You should be able to see interesting things outside of your window, in conjunction with the extreme heights, that will make it even more terrifying and exciting.

The Ferris wheel is definitely here to stay. If you are a large fan of this particular ride, you have nothing to worry about. It is cemented into the culture of the world, just like bumper cars, and also roller coasters. If you haven’t been on one in quite some time, you might consider traveling to these different locations where you can get on the tallest ones available. There is nothing quite like a Ferris wheel, especially when you have an extremely beautiful view surrounding you as you spin around.